Conky themes for archlinux Desktop

I have downloaded a conky themes from website but had to work on the script to make it work for my arch linux desktop

WIFI download and upload speed is not showing correctly in that theme and solved it after some struggle. use ifconfig to find the wifi port number and update the script. in my case it is wlp3s0 instead of wlan0

conky theme
save below script in /home/<username>/.conky folder. file name should be _.conkyrc

download conkyrc

#!/usr/bin/conky -d -c
##    .conkyrc configuration
alignment top_right
background yes
border_margin 5
border_width 5
color0 555555            #
color1 FCAF3E            # zolty
#color2 64574e            # braz
color2 FFFF00            # braz
color3 a82553            # rozowy f71f84
color4 5e1014            # bordowy
color5 64574e            # braz
color6 a7a7a7            # szary
color7 8888CC            #  (COOL)
color8 9d9c61            # zolto-szary
color9 525276            # niebiesko-szary
cpu_avg_samples 2
default_color e1e1e1        # szary a7a7a7
default_outline_color 000000     # Black
default_shade_color 000000    # Black
double_buffer yes
draw_borders no
draw_graph_borders no
draw_outline no
draw_shades no
gap_x 5
gap_y 40
max_specials 1024
max_user_text 10000
maximum_width 180
minimum_size 850
net_avg_samples 2
no_buffers yes
override_utf8_locale yes
own_window yes
own_window_colour 000000    # Black
own_window_hints undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager
own_window_transparent yes
own_window_type override     ## normal
pad_percents 2            # to co nizej, miejsc po przecinku
short_units yes            # krotka wersja podawania wielkosci dyskow np. 612.21M/3.80G
stippled_borders 3
text_buffer_size 8000
total_run_times 0
update_interval 1.0
uppercase no
use_spacer right
use_xft yes
xftalpha 0.75
xftfont sans:size=7

${color2}${goto 10}${font DejaVu Sans Mono:size=44}${time %H}${font DejaVu Sans Mono:size=20}${voffset -25}'${time %M}${font DejaVu Sans Mono:size=8}${voffset -12}${time %S}
${color2}${goto 85}${voffset 10}${font :size=8}${time %A}
${color2}${goto 85}${voffset 1}${font :size=8}${time %d %B %Y}
${color}${font RsbillsDng:size=14}O${font}${font DejaVu Sans Mono:size=8}${execpi 3600 DJS=`date +%_d`; cal -m | sed '1d' | sed '/./!d' | sed 's/$/                     /' | fold -w 21 | sed -n '/^.\{21\}/p' | sed 's/^/${alignc} /' | sed /" $DJS "/s/" $DJS "/" "'${color2}'"$DJS"'${color}'" "/}${font}

${voffset -20}${color2}${font led:size=10}SYSTEM ${font}$hr
${color}${sysname} Kernel: ${alignr}$kernel

${voffset -10}${color2}${font led:size=10}CPU ${font}$hr
${color}Core 1:  ${cpu cpu1}% $alignr ${freq_g (1)} GHz / ${exec sensors | grep "Core 0" | cut --bytes=14-21}
${color}Core 2:  ${cpu cpu2}% $alignr ${freq_g (2)} GHz / ${exec sensors | grep "Core 1" | cut --bytes=14-21}

${voffset -7}${color}${font}NAME ${goto 90}PID${goto 120}CPU% ${alignr}MEM%
${color}${font :size=6}${goto 9}${top name 1}${goto 85}${top pid 1}${goto 120}${top cpu 1}${goto 156}${top mem 1}
${color}${font :size=6}${goto 9}${top name 2}${goto 85}${top pid 2}${goto 120}${top cpu 2}${goto 156}${top mem 2}
${color}${font :size=6}${goto 9}${top name 3}${goto 85}${top pid 3}${goto 120}${top cpu 3}${goto 156}${top mem 3}
${color}${font :size=6}${goto 9}${top name 4}${goto 85}${top pid 4}${goto 120}${top cpu 4}${goto 156}${top mem 4}
${color}${font :size=6}${goto 9}${top name 5}${goto 85}${top pid 5}${goto 120}${top cpu 5}${goto 156}${top mem 5}

${voffset -6}${color2}${font led:size=10}MEMORY / HDD / USB ${font}$hr
${color}ram: ${mem} / ${memmax} ${alignr} ${memperc}%
${color}swap: ${swap} / ${swapmax} ${alignr} ${swapperc}%
${color}root: ${fs_used /} / ${fs_size /} ${alignr} ${fs_used_perc /}%
${color}home: ${fs_used /home} / ${fs_size /home} ${alignr} ${fs_used_perc /home}%
#${color}${voffset -12}${execpi 5 ~/.conky/}

${voffset -10}${color2}${font led:size=10}WIFI ${font}$hr
${color}gateway IP: ${alignr}${gw_ip}
${color}local IP: $alignr${addr wlp3s0}
${color}public IP: ${alignr}${execi 3600 wget -q -O /dev/stdout | cut -d : -f 2- | cut -d \< -f -1}
${voffset 5}${color}${goto 10}${font pizzadude bullets:size=16}S${font}${color}${voffset -12}${goto 40}Down: ${downspeedf wlp3s0}kb/s ${color}
${goto 40}Day: ${totaldown wlp3s0}${voffset -12}${alignr}${downspeedgraph wlp3s0 25,50 color color}
${voffset -13}${goto 40}Month: ${execi 300 vnstat -m | grep "`date +"'%y"`" | tail -1 | awk '{print $3 $4}'}

${color}${goto 10}${font pizzadude bullets:size=16}M${font}$color${voffset -12}${goto 40}Up: ${upspeedf wlp3s0}kb/s${color}
${goto 40}Day: ${totalup wlp3s0}${voffset -12}${alignr}${upspeedgraph wlp3s0 25,50 color color}
${voffset -13}${goto 40}Month: ${execi 300 vnstat -m | grep "`date +"'%y"`" | tail -1 | awk '{print $6 $7}'}

${voffset -10}${color}${font}${alignc}WIFI online:$alignr${wireless_essid wlp3s0}
#${color}${font}${alignc}${execi 60 ~/.conky/}

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