eelo /e/ – An Android OS with no google apps

eelo – An Android-based OS with no Google Apps. It is forked from popular custom ROM LineageOS.It mainly focus on privacy and extreme reliance on open-source apps.

eelo is providing options to the users with a smartphone experience where users don’t have to worry about data privacy concerns and enjoy the freedom to choose between services from other third-party developers.

So going google free, we lose some of the proprietary services like app store, maps, mail and other features.

eelo team aware of this and coming up with solutions. 

After kikstarter campaign is successful and they released beta of the ROM for some of the devices. The list of supported devices list will grow over the time.  Please check below link for the list of supported devices.

I have installed it in my Xiaomi Mi5 phone and it looks promissing. It is still in beta stage but already providing nighties.

It is still Android 7.0 Nogut which is very old. But eelo team confirmed that they are working on Oreo build.

Other important features like maps, location services are working fine. microG is used for getting the geolocation.

Default Application

  1. Bliss Launcher
    1. It looks pleasing to the eye but with some issues. There is no app drawer and all the icons are added in the home screen. I could not change the wallpaper from the home screen. There is no app store at the moment but You can install F-Droid for open source apps.
  2. Email
    1. It looks like the popular open source email client K-9 is themed heavily.
    2. it is a great app with multiple email account and offers lot of customization.
  3. Signal and Telnet
    1. Default message app is replaced with Signal. It provide encryption for end to end encryption.
    2. Telnet for chatting with other users.
  4. Magic Earth
    1. It supports offline map downloads.
  5. Open Camera
    1. It is the best open source camera app with lot of customization.
  6. microG
    1. It provides geo location
  7. muPDF mini
  8. OwnCloud notes
  9. Open Tasks

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