Freshers Job search in India

Recently I come across some web sites who providing the job opening for freshers as well as experienced candidates in India. Many peoples are not aware all the web sites. so I thought of sharing them in one place will help others. I have not used all the web sites but suggested by others. – – – –
siliconindia –
indianfresher –,
naukri –

Communication skills
It plays a vital role in IT jobs. You need to convey your thoughts to Interviewer or your team lead or manager. Even if you have the outstanding technical skill, If you are not communicating well, they will under estimate about you.

you need to speak with confidence. Do not think that you are talking in good English or bad or making grammatical mistakes. Confidence is the main key for any barrier in life.

Listen carefully to interviewer. Listening is very important. Because you need to understand the question asked by interviewer. Then Answer their questions or express your thoughts.
If you not listening, then your reply will be Ir-relevant to the questions asked by interviewer.

About company
Before going to attend the interview, First gather some information about the company and their products and services. This will give good impression about the company.

Be interactive
You need to be interactive with interviewer. That will give good impression about you.

At the end of the interview, if you have any questions about the company, opportunities to learn new technology, clarify with them.

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